Access to Experts

Members of our group regularly provide expertise on topics related to their fields of inquiry. This page gives a quick reference to potential experts for some frequently searched public policy issues. The list refers to experts with a background in behavioral economics and finance. For further experts on economic policy, please refer to the full directory of researchers at the AWI (here). Please contact experts directly. For further experts in related fields, please refer to the University of Heidelberg’s central expert and press service (here).

Consumer expectations and financial markets

  • Joep Lustenhouwer (macroeconomic expectations)
  • Jörg Oechssler (speculative bubbles and financial crises, copy trading)
  • Stefan Trautmann (financial institutions, consumer financial risk tolerance)
  • Pascal Kieren (consumer expectations, asset markets)

Consumer risk perception and risk behavior

  • Jürgen Eichberger (ambiguous and uncertain risks, financial risk)
  • Christiane Schwieren (neuro-economic foundations of risk preference, gender differences in risk taking)
  • Jörg Oechssler (ambiguous and uncertain risks, risk behavior)
  • Stefan Trautmann (risk perception, social aspects of risk, ambiguous and uncertain risks)

Sustainable behavior and environmental regulation, climate change

  • Anca Balietti (environmental issues in development)
  • Timo Goeschl (economics of climate change, regulation, interventions)

Perception of inequality, economic fairness, and social consequences

  • Dietmar Fehr (inequality and social capital, economic development)
  • Stefan Trautmann (equality and equality of opportunity, procedural justice and governance)

Ethical and unethical behavior

  • Stefan Trautmann (ethics and wealth, social capital)
  • Christoph Vanberg (dishonesty in organizations)

Health behavior and well-being

  • Christiane Schwieren (health risks, stress)
  • Stefan Trautmann (benefit-cost analysis, health risks, life satisfaction)

Governance, voting, and bargaining

  • Theodore Alysandratos (law and economics, norms, voting)
  • Stefan Trautmann (governance and incentive contracts)
  • Christoph Vanberg (voting procedures, majority and unanimity rules, legislative bargaining)

Economic development

  • Alexandra Avdeenko (RCTs, impact evaluation)
  • Anca Balietti (environmental issues in development)
  • Dietmar Fehr (social capital, psychology of scarcity)

Social capital and trust

  • Dietmar Fehr (trust and inequality)
  • Stefan Trautmann (social status and trust)