HeiKaMaX Workshops

The experimental groups at the University of Heidelberg, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and Mannheim University organize a regular experimental economics workshop day called HeiKaMaX. Dates and programs can be found here. Guests are always welcome.

Upcoming Events

Check the AWI website for updates.

Past Events

Fifth Workshop on Experimental Economics for the Environment, February 2020, Johannes Diederich, Florian Diekert, & Timo Goeschl [program].

Workshop on Experimental Economics and Finance, November 2019, Stefan Trautmann [program]

Workshop on Behavioral and Experimental Finance, December 2018, Stefan Trautmann [program]

Society for Experimental Finance (EF2018), World Meeting, June 2018, Christian König-Kersting, Matthias Stefan, & Stefan Trautmann

Risk, Uncertainty and Decision (RUD), June 2018, Jürgen Eichberger, Christopher Kops, & Stefan Trautmann

8th annual BNUPS-GATE workshop, visiting Heidelberg University, July 2017, Sylvie Demurger, Christiane Schwieren, & Hui Xu

Behavioral Finance for Policy and Regulation, July 2017, Sebastian Ebert & Stefan Trautmann [workshop report]

Economic Science Association (ESA), European Meeting, September 2015, Christoph Brunner, Peter Dürsch, Jörg Oechssler, Christiane Schwieren, Stefan Trautmann & Christoph Vanberg. [slides of Keynotes by Adele Diamond, Ulrike Mamendier, and Mike Tomasello]