Lab and Data

There is a full-featured experimental laboratory called AWI Lab at the economics department of the University of Heidelberg. You can also get in touch with the lab on Facebook.

Data from experiments conducted by the AWI experimental group is available in the heiDATA repository.

Experimental Tools

AWI-Lab alumnus Christian König-Kersting provides links to a large number of oTree apps, code snippets, and tools on his website (see here).

Karlijn van den Broek provides a mobile app to capture people’s perceptions of complex systems (or mental models) with mobile devices. Respondents create visual diagrams of a particular system by organizing relevant factors and linking them. The tool that can be used by all kinds of stakeholders, as it does not require the respondent to read or write. It allows direct comparison of the perceptions of different groups of respondents. The app can be downloaded for free (see here and here).